PolyGuard UV™
Ease of Installation PolyGuard UV™ has superior adhesion compared to other roofing systems.  Itcan be rolled or sprayed and is specifically designed to adhere directly to all existing roofing materials including PVC, TPO, EPDM and Torch Down.  This ability to bond with various surfaces means that PolyGuard UV™ also reduces waste by eliminating the need to tear outand replace existing roofing materials.   Durability PolyGuard UV™ is a seamless polyurea hybrid roofing solution.  Its waterproof, features high-tensilestrength, provides excellent impact resistance and excellent U.V. protection.  PolyGuard UV™ also increases the corrosion resistance of any traditional roofing materials.  Once applied it is capable of enduring extreme temperatures ranging from -40F to 250F (-40°C to 121°C).    Safe & Efficient PolyGuard UV™ is made from 100% solids and is safe for the environment.  PolyGuard UV™ contains nearly zero VOCs.  It also produces less waste than other roofing system installations.  At one time the only roofing solution that existed was replacement. By choosing PolyGuard UV™ you’re making a “greener” choice because our coating is designed to be applied over your existing roof—keeping excess roofing materials out of landfills.   Plus, the base white color of PolyGuard UV™ reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it resulting in reduced utility costs.  That means lower cooling bills in the summer, lower heating bills in the winter, and lower installation costs—all from choosing PolyAll™ Roofing. Keep Your Roof Preserved Again & Again Because PolyGuard UV™ adheres to any roofing surface, including itself; it may be used over and over again to continue extending the life of an existing roof.  Once a PolyGuard UV™ coating reaches the end of its life cycle (in approximately 15 years) a new (or second) coat may be applied over the existing coverage—extending the life of a roof for an additional decade of leak-proof performance Add maximum “Cool-Roof” protection by adding a top coat of SilaGuard™ Silicone Roof Coating   This silicone coating is extremely durable and reflects over 81% of the sun’s rays, providing substantial energy savings for the building owner. Whether used in concert with SilaGuard™ Silicone Roof Coating or by itself, PolyGuard UV provides industry-leading performance and protection. 
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The PolyGuard UV™ roof coating system provides maximum protection for your roof.  Our advanced monolithic polyurea membrane is designed to extend the life of all commercial roofs for up to 10-15 years (per installation).